"This kid, he goes out and he sees the world and he starts looking at the stars and starts thinking ‘This is amazing. Wow!’ Through Being Cool, you know? You’re out there, and you’re just in the breeze.” -Chris Conley on Through Being Cool

I’m so old I went to the record release show for this album

Is this the only time Jamey Jasta (Shanahan) has ever been thanked in the credits of a pop punk record? Things I think about regularly.


Eighteen Visions & Throwdown 2000 Summer Tour


Eighteen Visions & Throwdown 2000 Summer Tour

"Empty Promises" 
cassette single

You come to me with salvation, saying I must repent…

All time favorite band is...?!

Alkaline Trio

As far as hardcore goes, Carry On - “A Life Less Plagued” is my favorite record.

2 things: I asked about the True Life Crew World of Sin EP, do you think you could email it to me? And do you still have that TUI '09 United Blood shirt? I want that shit!!

See last post for the True Life tracks…sadly no longer have that TUI shirt, sorry!

Yo, by any chance do you have True Life's World of Sin EP still? It fucking shreds, I must have it again!

Here you go man, also included their first demo and the 2 demo tracks from 2010 (I personally think the demo version of Bleak Reality is way harder than the 7” version)… enjoy

Hatebreed playing “Empty Promises” on the Vans Warped Tour 1998